The UGA Peanut Team conducts research on all aspects of peanut production. The UGA peanut research team’s efforts, like its extension counterpart, has continued to be the lifeblood of research information and recommendations for peanut growers in Georgia and many of the other peanut growing states in the United States.

The research project areas include:

  • breeding and genetics
  • agronomics, entomology
  • plant pathology
  • nematology
  • engineering
  • precision agriculture
  • soil fertility
  • agricultural climatology
  • production economics
  • marketing
  • agricultural policy
  • food science and technology

The many successes of this research team can be easily seen in the productivity and sustainability of the peanut crop over the last several decades where growers have seen the state average of peanut go from an estimated 3500 lbs/acre to over 4400 lbs/acre, along with a reduction of cost of production (per acre) due to the increased yields and quality and enhanced production recommendation. 


UGA Varieties

UGA has a dozen peanut varieties available through Georgia's Integrated Cultivar Release System. Read more about the varieties' development and characteristics.